Not Receiving Emails?

Explore our notification process and recommended steps to receive obituary emails

1. Our Process

As members of the St. Edward Community pass on to eternal life, we work to notify appropriate classes.

We send notifications about deceased community members on our website and through email. Our website contains all published obituaries posted after July 26, 2022. Anyone can read the obituaries, regardless of class year. Our Obituary Search tool makes searching for obituaries for a particular class year easy.

For our email notifications, we send messages to specific contacts based on their connection to the deceased. Currently, we send obituary notification emails to contacts in:

  1. The Alumnus' class
  2. His siblings' classes (if applicable)
  3. His children's classes (if applicable)
  4. His grandchildren's classes (if applicable)

If you did not receive an email notification for a community member's passing, you might not have been in one of these four groups of contacts.

2. Add Our Email to Your Contacts

If you fell into one of the four groups of contacts detailed above and did not receive an email, your email service provider (ESP) may have flagged the message as spam. Every ESP handles perceived "junk mail" differently; some are more aggressive than others with their filtering.

We send our obituary notifications through Sendinblue, an email platform, from

To aid messages getting past your ESP's spam filtering, we recommend adding to your contacts or safe senders list.

3. Contact Us

If you're still having difficulty receiving obituary notification emails, we're here to help! Fill out the form below to contact us, and we'll look through our system to see how else we can help.