Mary Catherine “Kay” Cosgriff

In Memoriam

Below is the death notice of Mary Catherine "Kay" Cosgriff, a cherished member of the St. Edward High School performing arts department from 1984-1988. Please keep the Cosgriff family in your prayers.

[The house lights dim and a lone figure dressed in a green woolen tuxedo with a yellow frilled shirt adorned by a black bow tie steps through the closed curtain center stage. A spotlight hits him and he covers his eyes because of the glare. Then he lowers his hand and scans the audience, takes a deep breath and says:]

“My friends, it is with great sadness that I tell of the passing of Mary Catherine “Kay” Cosgriff who, (pauses and seems to choke back emotions) from 1984 -1988, directed and choreographed at least ten stage productions St. Edward High School, managed their majorettes, and became a friend and mentor to many. (Becomes more teary-eyed) She also touched lives and produced/directed/choreographed/taught at Magnificat HS. Professionally she did the same in venues in Chicago, Kent State, and Cleveland. She also wrote plays and was currently enrolled at NYU for a master's in dramatic writing. She was also a member of SAG. As a child, she was active in dramatic presentations as well as being a trained dancer. She was proactive in the Diocese of Cleveland in all things pertaining to youth and Justice. (Takes a deep breath and his tone changes to be more calm and professional) A memorial service will be on Sunday, April 23, 3023, in Lakewood Park near the Solstice Steps. The time of service will be 8:45 AM. Live video on Facebook from Kay’s personal account and from the St Ed’s Fine Arts Alumns group will be available. Please, if you want, leave a story of Kay here as a comment. Peace be with you and curtain up.” …

[exits stage left, curtains open, and the production continues]

Posted on: April 18, 2023

You can view a list of all St. Ed's Alumni who have passed away on our website.

Mary Catherine “Kay” Cosgriff

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